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SynchronyHR Year in Review (2023)

As 2024 approaches, SynchronyHR would like to thank the team members, clients, and partners that helped our organization continue to grow this year. In fact, growth was the central mission of SynchronyHR in 2023. At the start of the year, we implemented ambitious goals, and the organization exceeded expectations after only a few short months.

Since then, we have continued to not only amplify our internal team, but also expand into new markets and start new partnerships that have helped our organization’s presence grow nationwide.


Here are a few of the milestones we were able to accomplish in 2023…

Promoting Internal Growth

In order to best accommodate our growing team, as well as our growing number of clients and service offerings, SynchronyHR revitalized several of our departments through the introduction of new and revitalized roles. Our Finance; Payroll, Implementation, and Client Technology; Benefits Operations; and Human Resources and Risk Management departments all brought on new leadership, both through promotions and new hires. We also added several Senior Specialists throughout the organization in 2023, and introduced Dorothy Miraglia King as Vice President, Organizational Strategy and Agency Development.

To quote our CEO, Kyle R. Kelly, “I am so proud of the amazing team we are assembling here at SynchronyHR. Their expertise and passion for delivering best-in-class service are the reason our organization continues to grow. Our clients are in great hands!”


Promoting Growth Through Client Engagement

With the continued growth and evolution of our HR, payroll, risk management, and employee benefits teams, SynchronyHR was able to work closely with both long-time and new clients to proactively identify and implement a number of beneficial changes, including streamlining hiring and onboarding processes, saving money on employee benefits, removing potential employer-related risks, expanding into new markets, and more.


Better yet, our newly introduced client engagement initiative helped us gain client feedback and create more efficient processes that enhanced our overall service offering.


Introducing New Markets

SynchronyHR continued to increase our presence throughout the Midwest in 2023, but also made our first major move into the West with an expansion into the state of Colorado. Starting with our partnership with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado, SynchronyHR entered the Colorado market as part of our organization's growth efforts. This growth was aided by the addition of two Business Development Managers in Colorado.


The growing sales force not only introduced new audiences to SynchronyHR’s human resources outsourcing (HRO) services, but drove emerging broker partnerships and relationships in the region.


Enhancing Our Services Through New Partnerships

To remain competitive in the market and ensure that we are providing clients with the best possible HR, payroll, and employee benefits offerings, SynchronyHR continued to seek out strategic partnerships throughout 2023. This year, we were able to introduce new products thanks to partnerships with UKG®, a leading provider of workforce management solutions; Health Advocate™, a US national health advocacy, patient advocacy and assistance company; and Ameritas, an organization offering financial strategies and products, just to name a few.


These new service offerings, along with the strengthening of current offerings, have already helped our clients implement a number of beneficial changes.

Serving as a True Ally to Our Broker Partners

SynchronyHR has continued to work hard to help our broker partners gain additional revenue and foster further client trust. Not only did our network of partnering brokers grow in 2023, but our collaborative efforts have helped clients grow their businesses through the power of HR outsourcing.

Again, these achievements could not have been possible without our dedicated internal team, along with support from our clients and business partners. We are extremely grateful for all of you and have truly enjoyed working with you this year. Here’s to an even more productive 2024!





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