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SynchronyHR’s human resources (HR) solutions help your business streamline every complicated and time-consuming HR task, from managing employee-related data to navigating unemployment claims. As a top-ranked HR services company, we also provide you with expert guidance throughout the employee lifecycle.

HR Outsourcing

Avoid costly mistakes and legal fees

Navigating employment law on your own can lead to unnecessary risk and exposure for your business. By partnering with a professional HR services company, such as SynchronyHR, a team of HR professionals will work with you to stay up to date on all of the latest legislation affecting your workplace.

HR outsourcing companies guide your business through a myriad of workforce issues related to human resources, payroll, risk management, and employee benefits. Additionally, HR service companies provide suggestions on proactively improving policies and procedures to help avoid future difficulties.

HR Solutions

HR Services

Human Resources consultations and

Our experienced team of HR professionals provide advice on how to manage and grow employees. 

Help navigating employment law issues

A skilled HR services company, such as SynchronyHR, can help your business navigate the countless legalities and elements of employment law. When issues arise, SynchronyHR will provide consultation to ensure an appropriate resolution.

Policies and procedures

HR outsourcing companies provide consultation on HR regulations, or processes that govern how specific organizational issues must be handled, to help avoid claims, and prevent infringement and potential regulatory fines.

HR Consulting Services
Outsourcing HR

Assistance with state unemployment claims, hearings, and appeals

Our professional HR services team helps evaluate and oversee unemployment claims, hearings, and appeals.

HRO Services

Recruitment assistance

Attracting new employees can be difficult. HR outsourcing

companies provide the tools and professional advice needed to simplify the recruitment process.

Position descriptions

Our HR outsourcing services include assistance in crafting well articulated job descriptions with defined roles and responsibilities.

HR Outsourcing

Legally required postings

Our professional HR outsourcing company can help you access and better understand the rules regarding the display of legally required postings.

HR Solutions

Pre-employment screening assistance

Our team can work with you to implement a screening process that provides valuable data about an applicant's prior behavior and actions. Our services help validate credentials such as qualifications, past job experience, and achievements.

Drug testing policies and procedures

Maintaining a safe and drug-free workplace requires a clear and straightforward drug testing procedure. Our HR services help your organization with a range of comprehensive drug screening procedures.

Onboarding and training

Once hired, SynchronyHR will help you fully onboard new employees. Our training programs can also provide essential information and perspectives that increase safety awareness, boost organizational commitment, increase efficiency, and help build culture. These training programs, created by professional HR outsourcing firms, have an enduring impact on both management and employees. 

HR Consulting Services
Outsourcing HR

Employee climate surveys

Our employee climate surveys are used for internal learning and support, offering insight into your organization's workforce.

Human resources audits

HR compliance audits, managed by HR outsourcing companies, evaluate the present status of your HR unit. These audits identify potential internal issues and aspects of vulnerabilities. After each audit, the team at SynchronyHR helps in selecting the next course of action.

Assistance with workplace conflicts

Disagreements and conflicts are often unavoidable at the workplace. Our HR outsourcing company helps you deal with potential concerns.

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