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Effective risk management takes more than just expert knowledge. It takes tenacity to proactively identify exposures, monitor plans, and protect income streams. That’s why SynchronyHR offers a variety of workers’ compensation, safety, and security services.

Retirement Plans & 401(k) Services

“A” rated coverage

You need to provide workers’ compensation insurance to your employees and manage your company’s risk. We have you covered. SynchronyHR offers competitive, comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance through an “A” rated carrier.

Help with workers’ compensation insurance claims

Unexpected distractions, like insurance claims, can take your focus away from providing the leadership your team needs to succeed. With SynchronyHR’s support, you can rest assured that our risk management professionals will be by your side until a resolution is reached.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation offerings:

Workers Compensation Coverage

Procurement of coverage- Our qualified Risk Management team can help you locate, negotiate, and obtain workers’ compensation coverage.

Elimination of workers’ compensation down payments- Say goodbye to upfront payouts or multiple check issuances to the insurance provider. Business owners can keep their cash flow under check by spending just the necessary amounts for workers’ compensation insurance according to actual wages.

Claims processing and management- Unfortunately, injuries do happen. When that is the case, our team will be by your side in reporting, investigating, and managing the claim.

Coordination of return-to-work programs- By outsourcing risk management, SynchronyHR can help you coordinate

return-to-work (RTW) programs with your injured employees.

Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI)

No business is immune to employee-related Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) claims or lawsuits. By acquiring EPLI through SynchronyHR, you can help protect your business from claims such as wrongful discipline, sexual harassment, and discrimination.

ACA Assistance

Improve safety and efficiency

You can turn to SynchronyHR for more than just workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Our risk management professionals provide the tools and resources necessary to protect your employees, minimize loss, and improve your organization's overall efficiency and productivity.

Risk Management Services

Safety manuals- SynchronyHR’s risk management services can help you update or build safety manuals that cover a variety of workforce-related processes. 

Assistance with safety meetings- Through our risk management services, our loss control specialists can work with superintendents, managers, and safety professionals to brief the workforce on workplace safety issues.

Worksite safety inspections and recommendations- Our Risk Management team can perform comprehensive examinations of your workspace(s) to identify potential sources of accidents or mishaps. By eliminating trouble areas, you can lower workers’ compensation insurance payouts caused by poor worksite safety.

OSHA compliance assistance- Navigating OSHA compliance can be a daunting task. SynchronyHR helps businesses navigate and comply with all relevant OSHA guidelines.

Post-accident drug testing- The SynchronyHR Risk Management team helps facilitate drug tests after an accident within the stipulated time frame. 

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Retirement Plans & 401(k) Services
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