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SynchronyHR Partners With Health Advocate For Enhanced Employee Benefits Offering

SynchronyHR, a human resources outsourcing (HRO) firm headquartered in St. Louis, MO and serving clients across the country, has recently partnered with Health Advocate™, a US national health advocacy, patient advocacy and assistance company, to provide current and future clients with Health Advocate’s healthcare solutions.

By following true to Health Advocate’s mission of educating, engaging, and advocating for client employees, both Health Advocate and SynchronyHR are aiming to help employers take the best care of their employees, and their employee’s families. Health Advocate’s team works with insurance companies and providers to resolve the employees' complex and time-consuming administrative issues, saving them time and money.

“Before signing on with SynchronyHR, many of our clients struggled with employees trying to navigate the health care system. However, by leveraging SynchronyHR's employee benefits plans and our partnership with Health Advocate, they see an improvement in their workplace health and well-being strategies,” said Dorothy Miraglia King, SynchronyHR’s VP of Organizational Development. “These improvements often start by client employees enrolling in one of our enriched employee benefits plans which now include a Personal Health Advocate. Not only do their services, personalized care, and strong level of support make a great addition to SynchronyHR’s growing portfolio of employee benefits offerings, but are also a great way for our clients to develop a positive culture of wellness and work-life balance in the workplace.”

The Health Advocate/SynchronyHR offering, which comes at no cost to client employees and is available to those enrolled in any of the organization's master benefit programs, provides hands-on support for a variety of health and wellness issues; 24/7, confidential aid from a team of Clinical Experts; access to Medical Bill Saver™, an experienced negotiation team that will help employees lower medical and dental bills ($400+) that are not covered by insurance; an easy to use, interactive mobile app and website that provides access to a Personal Health Advocate; and more.

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