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Workers Compensation Insurance

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Aside from engaging with our clients on key administrative functions, another important objective of our business strategy is to build as much confidence and commitment as possible.

By working directly with business owners to identify key concerns, SynchronyHR is able to shift HR functions from a jumble of uncoordinated efforts to a cohesive, systematic framework. By truly understanding the unique needs of our clients, we have been able to maximize the impact of our HR, payroll management, benefits administration, and risk management services.

We are proud to know that our continued efforts have helped cut costs, improve productivity, resolve workplace issues, create safer work environments, provide countless employees access to health insurance, and more.

SynchronyHR has a reputation for excellent service, and we take great pride in helping our clients achieve their business-related goals. Here's what a few of our clients have to say about partnering with SynchronyHR:

Payroll & Tax Administration

"SynchronyHR has been a life saver for our company! They are fast, efficient, and are always quick to answer any questions I might have. I would recommend them hands down to anyone!"
- Jenna Sachs, Office Manager for Graniterra and Prussiani


"They were very fair with the upfront and per employee costs, unlike the big PEO vendors out there."

- Nick Oughton, CEO, NWO IT Services

"Lecie and the SynchronyHR team have been true partners in people initiatives and compliance. They understand our evolving business and operate as a key extension of our internal HR team. Their prompt support to resolve queries from current and former employees, as well as our HR team, has been instrumental to our growth and success. In addition, they have been committed to staying current with changing regulations due to COVID-19, which has been critical to our doing the same."

- From Shruti at OYO Hotels, Inc.

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Workers Compensation Insurance
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