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SynchronyHR Year in Review (2022)

As 2023 quickly approaches, SynchronyHR would like to thank the team members, clients, and partners that helped our organization continue to grow this year. Throughout these uncertain and challenging times, which impacted many businesses in 2022, SynchronyHR was able to accomplish some great things, including…

Increasing our presence in the St. Louis community

As our St. Louis-based team continued to grow throughout 2022, beginning with the addition of a new St. Louis-Business Development Manager, so too did our presence in the St. Louis community. Not only did we partner with St. Louis-based clients and insurance brokers, both new and old, throughout the year, but we also became official partners of local associations including MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) of Greater St. Louis and SLMMS (St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society).

From charitable activities, such as volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House of St. Louis, to community building events, such as the St. Louis Biz Dash 5K, the SynchronyHR team also made our presence known by getting out into the St. Louis community throughout the year.

Being recognized for our role in the St. Louis community was one of our greatest achievements this year, as Small Business Monthly St. Louis named SynchronyHR one of the top payroll service providers in the St. Louis area. Our VP of Sales, Bryan Buesking, was also named a “Top 100 St. Louisans You Should Know to Succeed in Business” by the publication.

To quote our CEO, Kyle R. Kelly, “We are extremely proud to call St. Louis our home. Thank you to those that have supported and continue to support this organization. We are just getting started and look forward to further assisting St. Louis business owners for years to come.”

Helping clients overcome administrative challenges

Thanks to our team of HR, payroll, risk management, and employee benefit professionals, SynchronyHR helped implement a number of beneficial changes for businesses, including streamlining hiring and onboarding processes, saving money on employee benefits, removing potential employer-related risks, expanding into new markets, and more.

Serving as a true ally to our broker partners

SynchronyHR has been able to help our broker partners gain additional revenue and foster further client trust. In fact, one of our broker partners earned over $130,000 in revenue with us in 2022. Better yet, the client has already expressed excitement over the incredible service that SynchronyHR is providing, and employees are extremely happy with the broker’s stronger, lower-cost medical benefits.

Expanding into new markets

SynchronyHR continued to grow rapidly throughout the Midwest in 2022, aided by the addition of two Business Development Managers in Kansas City this year. The growing sales force not only introduced new audiences to SynchronyHR’s human resources outsourcing (HRO) services, but drove emerging partnerships and relationships in the region.

Our organization also started our expansion into Texas, beginning with the introduction of a Texas-based, master health plan from Humana. This Humana plan joins our portfolio of master employee benefits plans, which we hope will continue growing throughout 2023.

Seeking new opportunities

Our organization’s board of managers grew with the addition of Abhaya Shrestha. Abhaya is also acting as a strategic advisor to SynchronyHR’s leadership team as they prepare to ramp up future investments and acquisition activities, which is a primary focus to our growth strategy in 2023.

Again, these achievements could not have been possible without our dedicated internal team, along with support from our clients and business partners. We are extremely grateful for all of you and have truly enjoyed working with you this year. Here’s to an exciting 2023!

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