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Frightened by HR Compliance?

Feel those shivers down your spine? Perhaps they are from trying to navigate human resources (HR) or employment law, one of the most difficult components of being a business owner.

Being in the dark on these laws can lead to a scary amount of risk and exposure for your business. But, have no fear! By partnering with SynchronyHR, our team of HR professionals will work with you to stay up-to-date on the latest legislation affecting your workplace. Here are just a few of the HR compliance-related services that we offer:

Coordination with legal counsel on employment law issues

SynchronyHR’s team of HR professionals can help your business navigate the countless legalities and elements of employment law. When issues arise, we will provide consultation and resources to ensure an appropriate resolution.

Policies and procedures

Our team will work directly with yours to provide consultation on HR regulations, or processes that govern how specific organizational issues must be handled, to help avoid claims, and prevent infringement and potential regulatory fines.

Employee handbook review

Work with our HR outsourcing resources to build, or enhance, an employee handbook specific to your business. We will assist in reviewing the included legislation, such as federal and state policies.

Claims prevention

Avoid employment-related claims by working with our HR professionals to review best practices and personalized recommendations. When a claim does arise, we can help evaluate and oversee the claims, hearings, and appeals.

Interested in learning more? Our wickedly-talented team is here to help. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.



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