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SLMMS Members Can Access HR Services, Health Benefits Through SynchronyHR

Introducing an exciting new partnership between SynchronyHR and the St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society (SLMMS)!

SynchronyHR is teaming up with SLMMS to help their members relieve their practices of administrative tasks such as payroll management, employee onboarding, and benefits administration by outsourcing human resources.

SLMMS members will soon be able to access SynchronyHR’s outsourced human resources services, outlined below, all backed by a committed, experienced team. Plus, members can gain access to several Anthem group health insurance plans.

- Payroll administration & tax support

- Human resources & compliance support

- Employee benefits & administration, including multiple Anthem insurance plans

- Risk management

- Integrated payroll, HR, and benefits technology

Tailored service options are also available, regardless of company size, which include separate or bundled solutions, and both insurance and non-insurance plans.

As a member of SLMMS, you will have access to SynchronyHR’s plans and services at discounted fees.

SLMMS should be on the lookout for more information on this new member benefit. In the meantime, contact SynchronyHR Business Development Manager Francine Martin for a free consultation.



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