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Getting Ready for Small Business Saturday? Here's How SynchronyHR Can Help!

Small Business Saturday, which takes place on November 26th this year, is one of the most popular shopping days in the U.S. As a result, many small businesses are working hard to prepare for an increase in traffic.

However, small businesses may also be feeling overwhelmed by potential hardships and administrative challenges that come with high demand. Perhaps owners and managers don't have enough support to hire and onboard additional employees, or are struggling to organize PTO requests from existing team members.

When it comes to administrative burdens, SynchronyHR is here to help! Our HR outsourcing (HRO) services are perfect for small business owners who might need support and tools related to human resources, payroll, risk management, employee benefits management, and more.

While small business owners are preparing their shops for the holiday shopping season, SynchronyHR can strengthen their operations. Here are a few ways we can help:

Simplify the Hiring Process

Bringing in new full-time, part-time, or seasonal employees can be intimidating. Not only do small business owners and managers need to understand how and where to post jobs, but they also need to know how to craft job descriptions, conduct pre-employment screenings, and accurately review resume submissions.

SynchronyHR can help small businesses simplify the hiring process through professional advice and access to top-notch hiring tools. Not only can we assist with the above elements of the hiring process, but we can also improve your employee onboarding and training.

Focus On the Things That Matter

From managing payroll and accounting in-house to complicated employee onboarding, there is a lot of additional work that can distract and overwhelm a small business owner or manager during the holiday shopping season.

SynchronyHR can provide plenty of helpful resources, including a team of professionals that will oversee much of this administrative work. Rather than focusing on complicated files and paperwork, small business owners can instead focus on their sales, development, and growth.

Reduce Risk

Unless you have a background in HR, navigating employment law can be a challenge. SynchronyHR's HR outsourcing services for small businesses provide the resources needed to stay ahead of the latest local, state, and national laws and regulations.

In addition, this increased expertise in workforce issues can decrease errors and, in return, help avoid costly penalties. This is especially helpful with seasonal or temporary employees during the busier times of year.

Decrease Potential Turnover

Busy shopping seasons can often lead to employee burnout, or a high rate of turnover. This can be discouraging and frustrating for a small business owner. When an employee leaves, the extra work piles up, morale could decrease, and you need to think about the lengthy hiring process again.

By working with an HR professional, you can determine the potential reasons behind turnover, and can then make improvements to scheduling, workplace culture, trainings, or management practices.

To help reduce turnover and attract new employees, a human resources firm can also supply competitive employees benefits, including health and wellness perks.

Want to Know More About HR Outsourcing for Small Businesses?

SynchronyHR loves small businesses, and has helped many business owners and managers create efficiencies, reduce labor costs, minimize risk, increase productivity, and more.

Are you a small business owner, or business owner in general, who would like to know more about HR outsourcing? Contact us today for more information. We are happy to help!



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