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SynchronyHR Year in Review (2021)

2021 is coming to a close, presenting an opportunity for us to reflect on this eventful year. As our organization continues to grow, we’d like to highlight a few of this year’s accomplishments.

We are very proud to have...

Helped clients overcome administrative challenges- Thanks to our team of HR, payroll, risk management, and employee benefit professionals, SynchronyHR helped implement a number of beneficial changes, including streamlining hiring and onboarding processes, saving money on employee benefits, removing potential employer-related risks, expanding into new markets, and more.

Helped clients navigate COVID-related compliance- As the pandemic continued, so too did the ever-changing regulations. The SynchronyHR team was able to help our clients navigate federal and state legislation, along with other pandemic-related issues, and save them from confusion and complications.

Introduced exciting new benefits- In 2021, SynchronyHR introduced MetLife products into our portfolio of pooled, master benefit plans, further enhancing our employee benefits offerings.

Expanded into new markets- From self-storage and cannabis to pest control and franchises, SynchronyHR had the great pleasure of working with both business owners and alliances/organizations within a variety of unique industries.

Championed continued growth- Our ever-growing team, along with new alliances, have helped our business reach new heights and expand into new areas, including Kentucky.

Served as a true ally to our broker partners- SynchronyHR has been able to help our broker partners gain additional revenue and foster further client trust.

Given back to the community- The SynchronyHR team participated in several charitable events throughout the St. Louis area, raising money for organizations such as the American Heart Association and the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition.

These strides could not have been reached without our dedicated internal team, along with support from our clients and business partners. We are extremely grateful for all of you and have truly enjoyed working with you this year. Here’s to a bright new year ahead!


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