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SynchronyHR Gains ESAC Accreditation

SynchronyHR, a boutique HR outsourcing firm based out of St. Louis, MO, has recently gained accreditation through ESAC (Employer Services Assurance Corporation), a nationally recognized financial assurance, standard-setting, and accreditation entity for the PEO/HR outsourcing industry.

ESAC accreditation is recognized as the "Gold Standard" for PEO best practices and financial reliability, with the organization awarding this feat to about five percent of all PEOs. Per their website, ESAC states that "partnering with an accredited PEO is the only practical way for business owners to confirm proven reliability of their service provider. "

"SynchronyHR could not be more proud of this accreditation," said Lecie Steinbaum, President & COO of SynchronyHR. "We are extremely grateful for the team at ESAC for working with us throughout this process, and recognizing our efforts by awarding us this distinction. We hope that both current and future clients, partners, and our team see our ESAC Certificate of Accreditation as a sign of our commitment towards integrity and financial responsibility."

As part of the accreditation, SynchronyHR will continue to work closely with ESAC as they make regular reviews to ensure that ethical, financial, and operational standards are met. The organization will also be partnering with an independent CPA to verify timely and accurate payment of payroll taxes, employee benefit contributions, and insurance premiums.

If you have questions about SynchronyHR's recent ESAC accreditation, or would like to learn more about what this accreditation means for your organization, please contact the SynchronyHR team.



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