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Technology Spotlight: Employee Self-Service Tools

As an HR outsourcing (HRO) organization, SynchronyHR offers clients a one-stop shop for leading payroll, benefits, and HR technology.

As a business owner or manager, frequent employee requests for documentation or scheduling changes can often take up time. Our employee self-service (ESS) tool, however, can simplify the process. ESS provides employees with an easy-to-use platform to manage HR-related tasks, along with these other features:

More Control- Rather than go to management for assistance, employees can easily access their information and documentation, including past W2s and pay stubs.

Time Management- Employees can access punch clocks, time-cards, time-off requests, and work schedules from any web-based device.

Intuitive UI- Employees can easily find what they need, whether they are navigating schedules or submitting/updating PTO requests. Little to no training is needed.

Convenient Mobile Apps- The mobile app for iOS and Android provides the same features as the desktop interface, like intelligent clock prompts. Plus, these versions offer push notifications.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch today to see this tool, and more, in action!



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