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Simplify Benefits Enrollment With Outsourcing Tech

If the benefits enrollment process overwhelms you or your team, especially during open enrollment, the time is now to consider an alternative.

SynchronyHR's enrollment technology gives you the ability to simplify enrollment, conduct accurate record keeping, and improve administrative productivity with a seamless, paper-free experience.

Here are 3 reasons why hundreds of clients have partnered with us for enrollment technology:

Employee Empowerment

Our digital benefits enrollment tool provides seamless registration for employees, along with alerts and updates to keep them informed. When it’s time for open enrollment, your employees will be empowered to understand and fully take advantage of their employer-sponsored and voluntary benefits.

Easy Plan Comparison and Selection

With an easy-to-navigate, digital platform, employees can easily evaluate plan and rate options. They can also review coverage details, select and enroll in benefits, and manage personal and dependent information.

Professional Support

SynchronyHR has experts on hand to guide your employees through their benefit selection and support their use of the plans. With their support, our clients no longer need to worry about tedious benefits administration tasks, or a lack of benefits know-how.

Ready to transform your benefits process with technology? Get in touch with us today.



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