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SynchronyHR-Broker Partnership: A Game-Winning Team

It’s almost game day! While coaches and players are hard at work, insurance brokers are also reviewing their playbooks and coaching their clients towards a win.

Brokers looking to provide even further guidance to their clients can enhance their team through a partnership with SynchronyHR.

With SynchronyHR, you're able to:

Build a game-winning team

Through SynchronyHR, your clients will get access to human resources, risk management, payroll, and employee benefits professionals that can help them navigate a variety of administrative challenges, such as electronic onboarding and compliance assistance. This additional help can benefit their organization and show that you're proactively looking out for their overall growth and success.

Protect your book of business with a strong defense

Many vendor partners look to remove brokers from their clients as quickly as possible. As a true partner, you can rest assured that SynchronyHR will never look to intercept your clients. Our broker partners even control the playbooks, determining what level of involvement they would like us to have in the relationship.

Score the ultimate touchdown

SynchronyHR offers an enriching commission structure for every client you bring onboard, allowing you to generate additional revenue. We also frequently identify administrative-related cost savings for your clients. It’s a win for everyone involved!

Are you an insurance broker that is ready to hit the field? Get in touch with us today to learn more about becoming a referral partner.



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