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Crunching the Numbers: SynchronyHR Accounting Industry Partnerships

Help your clients grow with an HR outsourcing partner

At SynchronyHR, we value the relationship that accounting firms and CPAs share with their clients. That's because, as a human resources outsourcing (HRO) firm, we also work hard to provide business owners with beneficial services and peace of mind.

Our organization takes great pride in our efforts to partner with complimentary service providers, such as those in the accounting industry. By referring clients to SynchronyHR, we can work together to help support their business. Here’s how it works:

Providing a Flexible Lineup of HR Services

Not only will clients benefit from your services, but they will further enhance their business with access to SynchronyHR's HRO offerings, including:

• HR & compliance assistance • Payroll services • Risk management services and access to workers’ compensation • Access to employee benefits • Benefits administration support • Integrated, HR and payroll technology

Better yet, we offer carve-out options, so your clients can pick and choose the services and tiers they are most interested in.

Simplifying Tax Filings Together

Our team of payroll tax professionals assist your clients with tax payments and

liability management. We also provide custom, flexible reporting, including:

• ACA • Healthcare Reform • Workers’ Comp Audits • 401(K) Uploads

And file several forms on behalf of clients, such as:

• 940 • 941 • W-2 • W-3 • 5500

A Transparent Relationship

A multitude of HRO firms, PEOs, and payroll providers work hidden fees and service

charges into their agreements. SynchronyHR works hard to provide transparent

invoices and pricing, ensuring that your clients will be in a trusted partnership.

Enhance the Role of Trusted Advisor

By providing access to our services and expertise, clients will see that you are looking out for their overall growth and success. Plus, as an advisor, your firm can gain direct access to our reporting system if approved by the client.

Let's Get Started

Are you an accountant that is interested in a partnership with SynchronyHR? Get in touch with us today to learn more about becoming a referral partner.



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