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How SynchronyHR Can Help Insurance Brokers With Open Enrollment

With open enrollment for 2024 employee benefits on the horizon, insurance brokers are most likely already meeting with clients to discuss options. While helping your clients gain access to insurance plans is a massive step in the overall enrollment process, they may need additional support in enrolling employees and navigating compliancy.

The good news is that pairing your insurance offerings with SynchronyHR’s human resources outsourcing (HRO) services can provide a complete open enrollment solution. Read on to learn more.

Professional Support

Preparing for open enrollment can be an expensive and time-consuming process for your clients, especially without the necessary expertise. With a SynchronyHR partnership, your clients can gain access to a team of HR professionals with a great deal of enrollment experience.

These team members will help clients with various aspects of the open enrollment process, from employee communications to invoice reconciliation and remittance. Better yet, the SynchronyHR team can help navigate the ever-changing employment laws related to employee benefits.

Efficient, Integrated Enrollment Technology

Do your clients still use dated technology, or enroll via paper forms, thus slowing down the open enrollment process? SynchronyHR can provide your clients with a digital platform to simplify enrollment. Upon onboarding, clients can utilize accurate processes and record keeping, an onboarding website that reflects their branding, simple plan and rate comparison screens, automated communications, and more.

Additional Benefits and Perks

SynchronyHR can help you build an even more robust employee benefits offering, with access to even more perks. In addition to your insurance offerings, clients can also gain access to exclusive discounts and special offers, including preferred seating and tickets to top attractions, theme parks, shows, sporting events, movie tickets, hotels, and much more. SynchronyHR also provides a stellar 401(k) retirement offering with administration support.

Earning Additional Revenue

SynchronyHR offers an enriching commission structure that takes into consideration all services and employees. We can even help broker agencies bring on new clients, providing an opportunity to make insurance-based revenue. In fact, one of our broker partners earned over $130,000 in revenue with us in 2022.

Consider HR Outsourcing for Open Enrollment

SynchronyHR partners with a growing list of insurance brokers, like you, throughout the country in providing HR, payroll, and employee benefits services.

Contact us today to learn more about our exclusive broker partnerships, and how we can help you and your clients with the upcoming open enrollment period.



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