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How HR Outsourcing can Help with Open Enrollment

Are you a business owner preparing for another period of open enrollment in your office? While it may be tempting to try to handle open enrollment in house, outsourcing this HR task can benefit your business. Read on to learn how a human resources outsourcing (HRO) organization can help with open enrollment at your business.

Take Advantage of Knowledge and Experience

Preparing for open enrollment can be an expensive and time-consuming process, especially without the necessary expertise. Your business will benefit from a team of HR professionals with a great deal of experience with open enrollment. These team members will help you with various aspects of open enrollment, from communications to invoice reconciliation and remittance. Better yet, they can help you navigate the ever-changing employment laws related to employee benefits.

Already have an internal HR resource? HROs also have employee benefit professionals that can help your team acquire a vast array of extensive, corporate-style benefits for your employees. By analyzing data and listening to your unique needs, they can design insurance and non-insurance benefit solutions that will resonate most with your team.

Leverage Technology

As a business owner, you might not have access to HR software that helps streamline processes such as open enrollment. Perhaps your employees use dated technology, or enroll via paper forms.

The HR outsourcing service you partner with will most likely provide you with a digital benefits enrollment tool. Enjoy accurate processes and record keeping, a website that reflects your company’s branding, simple plan and rate comparison screens, automated communications, and more.

Serve The Needs of Your Employees

As a company, your product, services, and employees are a few of your most important assets. When you serve the needs of your employees by outsourcing HR tasks related to open enrollment, it sends a strong message to your staff that you care.

Why? Because HRO professionals will both encourage your employees to learn more about their benefits and the enrollment process, and guide them through their benefit selection and use of the plans. This is a level of expertise with open enrollment that your business might not have.

With the support of HRO services, you can further offer a rich benefit line to attract and retain talent without taking on the responsibility of becoming a subject-matter expert.

Consider HR Outsourcing for Open Enrollment

Your time is precious. By implementing technology and streamlining processes, an HRO can make your benefit administration tasks more efficient.

SynchronyHR offers HR and employee benefit support for businesses of all sizes. We work together with your team to administer a benefits plan that addresses the needs of every employee, while developing strategies that help streamline tedious tasks.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your upcoming open enrollment period.



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