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HR Outsourcing 101: How Can HROs Help Your Business?

Human resources outsourcing organizations (HROs) support businesses with a variety of HR functions, along with payroll, employee benefits administration, risk management, and more. In essence, they help business owners, and their potential teams, manage their administrative tasks.

How Can These HROs Help Your Business?

The long list of services that HROs provide can present business owners with many rewards. Here are a few of the ways your company and employees can benefit from an HRO service.

Arm Your Organization With Beneficial Resources

HR outsourcing organizations are comprised of experienced teams that assist businesses with HR, payroll, employee benefits, and risk management. Within each team of professionals lies a variety of service offerings that can help businesses boost productivity, navigate legal issues, save time, and more.

For further insight, here's a glimpse of services that HROs can provide.

HROs can also offer workers' compensation coverage, along with medical, dental, and vision coverage for employees. Other benefits include top-tier wellness programs, 401k access, and flexible spending accounts.

Higher Quality Workforce

Many HROs provide recruitment support, which is lead by an HR professional that gets to know a business's specific needs and are especially adept at the hiring process. From position descriptions to pre-employment screenings, these HR experts can help with every step of the process.

After an employee is hired, the HR team also facilitates the onboarding process. They ensure that new-hires understand the business's mission, culture, and values, while also diving into the nitty-gritty HR requirements.

By managing the recruitment and onboarding process, the HR resources can help ensure that quality employees are being brought on the team.

Creating a More Valuable Culture and Business

Working with the professionals within an HRO can often lead to higher levels of engagement among employees. Businesses also report an increase in profits after using HRO services.

With the ability to focus on the business, and with the support of HR professionals, management is able to enhance internal communication, hiring practices, working conditions, commitments to employees, and other factors. Employee retention rates are often stronger in businesses utilizing an outsourcing partner.

Offering employees benefits through an HRO, including health and wellness perks, can also help boost morale. Easy to navigate employee portals, easy access to tax forms, a strong onboarding process, and assistance with potential workplace conflicts are a few other offerings that can help create a stronger overall culture.

To learn more about how HRO outsourcing organizations can help your business, contact the SynchronyHR team at We are here to help!



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