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Go Back to School With Our Learning Management Tool

With back-to-school events on the horizon, parents and guardians are getting kids ready for another academic year. But why should students be the only ones getting ready to learn? SynchronyHR’s learning management tool can help businesses train and educate their employees, while also keeping their organization current on compliance courses.

Provide your team top training opportunities

From time management to work-life balance, an assortment of trainings will be available to your team. And with tailored training video playlists, recommended topics will be selected based on roles and interests.

Enable learning on the go for your people

Your workforce is highly mobile, and now your learning is too. Empower your people to learn anytime, anywhere via mobile or desktop.

Plan for how your team learns

Training comes in a variety of formats — including audio, video, digital docs, instructor-led, and virtual reality — so your employees can learn most effectively.

Bolster your learning with rich analytic

Since every training initiative is unique, build custom reports to help track metrics and illuminate ways to improve learning for your team.

Ready to hit the books? Get in touch today to see this platform in action!


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