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Why SynchronyHR is Known as the "Broker's HRO"

If you're an insurance broker, not only do your clients have a long-standing relationship with you, but they depend on your expertise to help their business and employees. Brokers looking to foster further growth for their clients can benefit greatly from a partnership with a human resources outsourcing organization (HRO).

HROs, often referred to as professional employer organizations (PEOs), can be ideal solutions for business owners looking to outsource their payroll and HR-related administrative tasks.

While these services are beneficial for employers, insurance brokers may see them as problematic. For example, perhaps you may have experienced the below:

- An aggressive HRO/PEO reached out to your clients, promising them cheaper insurance rates (this often results in a client being stolen)

- An HRO/PEO has a prospective client trapped in a bundled service offering, making a potential switch extremely difficult for all parties involved

- A current client is utilizing an HRO/PEO organization, but they are hurting rather than helping

While these difficult situations can happen, not all HROs bring bad news. What if you could align yourself with a trusted HRO partner that would help you avoid a potential HRO threat, while also providing your clients with high-level service? SynchronyHR is the answer!

One of SynchronyHR's primary goals is to be known throughout the HRO industry as the "Broker's HRO," a true partner to insurance brokers. Think of us as a resource to help you both navigate complex HRO/employer relationships and fend off poaching HROs.

We never steal clients away from our partners, instead promoting a collaborative relationship that also includes an enriching commission structure that takes into consideration all services and employees.

Interested in learning more about how the "Broker's PEO" can help you and your clients? Get in touch with us today to learn more about becoming a referral partner.



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