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How SynchronyHR Can Streamline Your Open Enrollment Process

Open enrollment for 2023 employee benefits is on the horizon, with many business owners dreading the logistics that come with this busy time of year. Thankfully, SynchronyHR's employee benefits and administration services can alleviate these worries.

Here are a few ways we can streamline your open enrollment process:

Happier, Healthier, Employees

No matter the size of your business, SynchronyHR can provide a vast array of extensive, corporate-style benefits for your employees, which include health plan options, dental and vision insurance, and more.

Having an attractive benefits offering will help make your business more competitive in the market, boost retention efforts, and keep employees feeling healthy and valued.

Simplified Enrollment Process

Our digital benefits enrollment tool provides seamless registration for your employees, along with alerts and updates to keep them informed. When it’s time for open enrollment, your team will be empowered to understand and fully take advantage of employer-sponsored and voluntary benefits.

Plus, with an easy-to-navigate digital platform, you can enable your employees to easily evaluate plan options via plan and rate comparison screens. They can also easily review coverage details, select and enroll in benefits, and manage personal and dependent information.

Professional Support

SynchronyHR has experts on hand to guide your employees through their benefit selection and support their use of the plans. With our support, employers no longer need to worry about tedious benefits administration tasks, or a lack of benefits know-how. With our intuitive benefits enrollment technology, everyone wins.

Collaborative Partnerships

Does your business provide employee benefits through an insurance broker, but still need assistance with administration? Thanks to a strict, "no trespassing clause" for verified broker partners, SynchronyHR can work with you AND your broker for benefits enrollment services without dismantling the existing relationship.

Extra Perks

From retirement and 401(k) plans to exclusive discounts and special offers, SynchronyHR can provide additional perks that can help your employees save, as well as boost your overall benefits offering.

Ready to transform your open enrollment process? Get in touch with us today!



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