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A Hybrid Office Halloween Celebration

Halloween is right around the corner, which provides employers a wonderful excuse to add a bit of fun to the workplace. But, how can you be sure that remote/virtual employees are also included in the festivities? The below are a few ideas.

(And remember, not everyone celebrates this holiday. Be sure to let employees know that their participation is not required.)

Encourage Home Office Halloween Decorations

Employees working from home have most likely singled out a space in their home to act as their "office." Encouraging them to decorate this space for the holiday can add an element of fun to their remote setting.

Select a day to have employees adorn their desks and walls with spiderwebs and glowing jack-o-lanterns, or a Halloween-themed virtual background. You can also hold a contest for those that participate, and ask employees to share photos of their displays to be voted for by their co-workers. The winner, or multiple winners, will receive a prize.

Host a Meeting in Costume

What is an office Halloween party without fun, but work-appropriate, costumes?

Encourage remote employees to dress in costume for a regularly scheduled team meeting, or create a new hybrid gathering just for the occasion. With many employees based in their homes, you can also include family members or pets in these costumed festivities.

Similar to the decorations, a costume contest can also be part of the day's activities with employees voting for their favorite costume.

Send Halloween Treats

While they won't be able to trick-or-treat around the office, employers can still have remote employees celebrate by sending gifts. From candy to trinkets, there are plenty of fun items that can be easily shipped to employees in a gift pack or care package. You can also send virtual gifts, such as gift cards, if you are not able to safely send items.

Give Back to the Community

If your team does not seem interested in Halloween festivities, you could alternatively use this time to give back to the community.

Employees could work together to select a charity to which your organization will make a monetary donation, or perhaps you could encourage employees to donate to food or coat drives in preparation for the winter season.

If you are looking for new ideas on how to incentivize employees, or are interested in additional human resources support, contact SynchronyHR today. As a human resources outsourcing organization, we can gladly help you go over some options.


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