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3 Ways SyncronyHR Can Help Your Accounting Firm

As the owner or manager of an accounting, tax planning and preparation, bookkeeping, and/or financial management firm, you likely care a great deal about the services that you offer your clients.

But often, administrative tasks, such as payroll management and employee onboarding, can bring about inefficiencies that impact quality of service, while also potentially slowing the growth of your business.

A human resources outsourcing (HRO) partner, like SynchronyHR, can help your business combat these challenges through HR, payroll, benefits, and risk management services. Here’s how:

Improved Employee Retention

In an ever-evolving marketplace, retaining your best talent, particularly CPAs, is critical to your success. By providing large, corporate-style employee benefits and perks, SynchronyHR can help support current employees and attract potential new hires.

Fewer Distractions

We understand that accounting firms can often be efficiently run by a small team, so chances are that you might not need an internal HR department. Owners and managers, and even partners, that take on the many roles of an HR department, however, can lose precious time and energy. Let the experts at SynchronyHR do the work instead.

New Efficiencies

Equip your business with SynchronyHR’s top-notch HR technology platform, and benefit from the efficiencies introduced from its many tools, such as employee onboarding, applicant tracking, performance management, and reporting.

Ready to scale your accounting firm to new heights with an HRO partner? Get in touch with us to learn more about our human resources services for accounting firms!


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