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Managing Workplace Safety

From day-to-day procedures to navigating pandemics, safety in the workplace has never been so important. The unique industries and varying worksites, say a construction site vs an office, make the process even more complicated.

So how does a business truly go about making a workplace safe?

Most employers don't tackle safety on their own, and instead align themselves with a professional resource, such as an HR outsourcing organization.

Whether you are looking to make policy changes for the new year, or need help getting started, here are a few ways HR outsourcing organizations can help make your workplace safer.

Creating a Safe Environment

The risk experts within HR outsourcing organizations are familiar with the many standards that come with creating a safe environment for employees. By conducting worksite inspections, they can offer helpful recommendations to enhance your space.

Knowing the unique risks within your business is a key component of safety. HR outsourcing teams work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, making them valuable partners within a number of different industries.


Even the safest workplace can be hazardous if employees are not properly trained. From ergonomics to first aid, employees will greatly benefit from a variety of safety trainings.

HR outsourcing organizations provide these types of trainings to employers, along with specific safety meetings. They can also provide Occupational Health and Safety Administration trainings and compliance assistance, and can create safety manuals to be used for future reference.

Proper Policies

Different jobs will have certain risks, and insurance policies will need to be acquired to protect everyone involved. By covering employees and your workplace, employers can manage costs associated with risk and avoid potential legal trouble.

Finding the necessary coverage, including competitive and comprehensive workers’ compensation coverage, can be challenging. HR outsourcing organizations can help, and they can even assist with claims processing and investigations.

Stay Safe and Healthy

Keeping employees safe should be the number one goal of any business, and keeping safety policies and procedures up to date, especially now, is a great way to achieve that.

If you're looking for support with your safety efforts, reach out to SynchronyHR. Our HR outsourcing organization offers a range of services from risk management and workers' compensation coverage to general HR support. Contact us to learn more.



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