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Broker Case Study: Helping Clients Avoid Problematic Vendor Partnerships

As a broker partner, one often acts as a trusted advisor to clients, which is why Chris, an insurance broker, reached out to SynchronyHR to help one of his clients through a difficult situation.

Chris noticed that his client, a company providing equipment and services to the scientific community, was being continuously burdened with thousands of dollars in fixed expenses from their human resources outsourcing (HRO) partner.

The client was also frustrated by the level of service being provided to them by their HRO partner, especially their mismanagement of statutory employees.

Chris started looking for a solution to this problem and turned to SynchronyHR. He would go on to arrange a meeting between all three parties to review the current situation and discuss alternatives.

The results?

- The client partnered with SynchronyHR and saved $40,000 on administrative fees and workers’ compensation premiums.

- The SynchronyHR Payroll & Tax Team resolved the client’s statutory employees issue, which resulted in additional savings

- Chris was able to help his client through a difficult situation, help his agency grow their book of business, and gain additional earnings from SynchronyHR’s commission structure

Facing a similar issue?

Want to learn more about how SynchronyHR can help brokers and their clients through situations such as the above? Reach out today!



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