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SynchronyHR Promotes Brittany Hornung to Senior Specialist, Implementation & Payroll

SynchronyHR, a human resources outsourcing (HRO) firm headquartered in St. Louis, MO, has promoted Brittany Hornung to Senior Specialist, Implementation and Payroll, within the organization’s Client Technology Department.

In this role, Hornung will serve as a subject matter expert and point of contact in developing and nurturing technological solutions for SynchronyHR’s Payroll and Implementation teams. Her collaboration with both teams, as well as her continuous analysis of SynchronyHR’s current and future payroll and HR software, will help Hornung enhance the organization’s level of service as it relates to payroll and implementation.

“Payroll and implementation are such critical areas of focus at SynchronyHR, due to the number of people involved in the processes. Developing new efficiencies and reducing room for error is extremely important to us, which is why Brittany will now oversee the inner workings,” stated Leo Golowinski, Director of Payroll, Implementation, and Client Technology. “Her expertise and passion for delivering best-in-class service will enhance our ability to deliver innovative solutions and strengthen client relationships.”

A former client of SynchronyHR, Hornung joined the organization in 2019 with the goal of helping fellow business owners and managers improve upon their payroll and HR processes. Hornung would spend time in SynchronyHR’s Payroll and Implementation departments before becoming a member of the Client Technology team. Prior to joining SynchronyHR, she spent several years in both payroll and accounting roles and earned a Bachelor’s in Business Management from Park University.



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