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Simplifying Employee Onboarding for Self-Storage

Are you a self-storage business owner currently bringing on new employees? If so, let’s talk about onboarding. When done right, employee onboarding can help your new hires feel connected, supported, and cared for. If an employee feels unwelcome or isolated, however, they can quickly be driven away.

In a time when retention efforts are immensely important, a successful employee onboarding program can make all the difference in keeping employees. So, how does one conduct a successful onboarding experience? Here are a few tips:

Communication is key

Upon signing the offer letter, reach out to new employees and make them feel like a part of the team. Be sure to also communicate organizational values, how the facility functions, and how team members communicate with each other. By emphasizing these elements, you can strengthen the culture and overall employee experience.

Utilize onboarding technology

A stack of new hire paperwork can often be a bit overwhelming to new team members. Employee onboarding tools provide a faster, paperless onboarding process that can be completed on any device, from anywhere. Employees are even guided through each step of the process to help avoid confusion and mistakes.

Assign a mentor

Provide your new hires with a designated team member that can help show them the ropes. By building a connection outside of HR or management, new hires can feel more comfortable in asking questions about the facility, team, operations, and more. Their mentor can also provide a tour of the office and help introduce them to team members.

You can also assign a professional development mentor to new hires that express an interest in increased training and career growth.

To learn more about how your self-storage business can improve your onboarding experience, reach out to the SynchronyHR team today.


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