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Top HR Trends for 2022 and Beyond

The workforce is ever-changing, and it’s up to human resources (HR) professionals to prepare for even the smallest shifts. Whether it be navigating further COVID-related safety protocols or the “great resignation,” 2022 brings about a wave of new and returning challenges to the HR landscape.

That said, here are 4 HR trends that can help your business prepare for the road ahead.

Focus on employee well-being

As the pandemic continues, so too do hardships in the lives of employees. Employers should be doing whatever they can to support their team members. From offering mental health days and retirement benefits, to implementing wellness activities and mentorship programs, owners and managers can provide support in a multitude of ways. Organizations that recognize this come up as top employer brands.

Upskilling and professional development

Upskilling, or teaching employees additional skills, is a cost-effective approach to developing your workforce. Implementing an upskilling strategy can be a great way to retain employees, boost morale, cut costs on hiring, and grow your business. Employers should consider examples like mentorship opportunities, continued training, e-learning tools, access to seminars/webinars, and more.

Higher standards for employee benefits

Every individual is unique, so why are employee benefits the same for all employees? Recent studies show that employees want the power to choose from a vast selection of benefits and perks that are catered to their unique needs. This includes everything from health and life insurance to financial benefits, pet insurance, legal assistance, and more.

Data-driven analytics and automation are on the rise

With today's competitive market, HR data and people analytics can help create a data-driven decision-making process that drives positive impact across your organization. With tools such as onboarding platforms, feedback forms, automated goal reminders, and applicant tracking systems, employers can effectively recruit, retain, and improve upon human resources decisions.

The past two years have pushed HR professionals to reevaluate the entire employee experience. If you feel that your business needs support in transforming your HR department, or need help tackling administrative tasks like payroll and employee onboarding, get in touch with the team at SynchronyHR. Our team of human resources outsourcing professionals are here to help.


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