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Recognizing Payroll Team Members During National Payroll Week

The American Payroll Association and payroll organizations across the country are gearing up for National Payroll Week. This annual celebration highlights the achievements and partnerships between America’s employees, payroll professionals, and various government programs and agencies.

As a way of recognizing the hardworking employees that manage payroll, let’s take a look at a few ways they are able to simplify the payroll process within a business.

Oversee Employee Payments

Employees rely on their employers for timely and accurate paycheck processing. Payroll professionals, or members of the team that manage payroll, can process direct deposits and payroll checks with efficiency. As a result, employers can rest easy knowing that their staff will be paid accurately and on time.

Provide Additional Support

Tackling payroll administration and reporting, tax payment and liability management, and more can be challenging for small business owners. By working with a payroll resource, business owners can receive additional support allowing them to focus their attention on their organization’s overall growth and success.

Navigate Compliance

Understanding ever-changing payroll and tax compliance can be extremely overwhelming, as are the potential fines imposed on those that accidentally do not adhere to the rules. Payroll professionals can help your business navigate the latest rules and regulations.

Consider Payroll Outsourcing

If you are a business owner or manager in need of payroll expertise and/or support, consider payroll outsourcing. A human resources outsourcing (HRO) organization provides access to payroll professionals that will oversee all direct deposits and payroll checks for your business.

Per Small Business Monthly St. Louis, SynchronyHR is one of the top payroll service providers in the St. Louis area. Reach out today to learn how our payroll services can enhance your business.


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