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How to Help Employees Thaw the Winter Blues

As winter continues, so too do darker days, cold weather, and winter illnesses, all of which can have a negative impact on morale and productivity in the workplace. In fact, January and February are often considered the least productive months of the year.

If you have noticed your team feeling the effects of the “winter blues,” these tips can help boost morale and get employees excited for the months ahead.

Check in with employees

Employees can often feel a bit sluggish during the winter, which is why managers and leadership should use this time to check in with them one-on-one. Make sure that employees feel confident in their work. Ask them what excites them about their current and upcoming projects, and if there is anything that you can do to help support their work.

Introduce new initiatives

Create some excitement throughout the office by introducing team-building activities or giveaways. Perhaps a summer-themed lunch can accompany the colder months, or a weekly gift card raffle featuring popular coffeehouses. Alternatively, you can start a company-wide contest that encourages employees to collect donations, such as cold weather gear or food, for a local charity.

Promote mental health awareness

Many people can feel depressed, stressed, and overwhelmed during the winter months. To help employees cope, introduce initiatives to support mental health, whether it be offering more support and flexibility, or allowing for more time off.

Looking for help in implementing these workplace changes, and more? Get in touch with the SynchronyHR team today. Our human resources outsourcing (HRO) professionals can provide your business the latest in human resources expertise.


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