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Heart-Healthy Tips for American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month, which makes for an opportune time to spread awareness and encourage employees to focus on their cardiovascular health. Business owners that currently offer employee health initiatives, or are looking to start, can promote heart health with these tips.

Encourage exercise

Getting the heart pumping with physical activity helps prevent heart-related illnesses and can improve overall mental and physical health. Encourage employees to move away from their desks throughout the day for office exercises like ergonomic stretches, stair walks, and walking meetings (weather permitting), or host a group weight training or conditioning class.

Introduce a wellness program

Wellness programs consist of activities designed to promote the health of your employees, many of which can help prevent heart disease. Some example programs support smoking cessation, weight loss, and meditation.

Promote healthy eating habits

Review what snacks and catered meals are being ordered throughout the workplace to avoid foods high in sodium, trans-fat, and saturated fat. Fresh fruits and vegetables, almonds and seeds, and low-fat popcorn can be great snack alternatives, while salads and subs can make for great lunch alternatives. Be sure to also include remote/hybrid employees in this initiative by sending food vouchers or even care packages.

Review your benefit offerings

When it comes to overall employee health, health insurance is undoubtedly the most important component. Employees rely on health insurance to keep themselves and family members protected from medical issues. Business owners should do their best to offer a diverse selection of employee benefits to their team.

Looking for help in implementing these heart-healthy initiatives, and more? SynchronyHR is a human resources outsourcing (HRO) organization that can provide the latest in human resources and employee benefits expertise. Get in touch with us today to learn more.



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