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How SynchronyHR Works With Insurance Brokers

At SynchronyHR, we value the relationship that insurance brokers and their clients share. Here are a few ways that our broker-friendly human resources outsourcing firm can help support you and your clients.

Provide Your Clients a Tailored Lineup of HR Services

As a human resources outsourcing (HRO) firm, often referred to as a PEO (professional employer organization), SynchronyHR can outsource a variety of employee management tasks, including:

  • HR & Compliance

  • Payroll

  • Workers’ Compensation

  • Employee Benefits

  • Employee Benefits Administration

  • Integrated HR Technology

Better yet, you and your clients can pick and choose the services they are the best fit for them.

Help Your Clients Grow

By providing access to these beneficial services, clients will see that you are looking out for their overall growth and success, while also helping them avoid administrative burdens.

The variety of SynchronyHR HR services at your reach also gives you a competitive edge over other partners.

Protect Your Book of Business

A multitude of HR outsourcing firms, PEOs, and payroll providers have no desire to work with a client’s existing partners, and actively seek to remove them from these relationships.

We will never steal your clients away. Instead, we promote a collaborative relationship between all parties. And when we say collaborative, we mean it. Our broker partners determine what level of involvement they would like us to have in the relationship, and when to enter the conversation with the client.

Earn Additional Revenue

SynchronyHR offers an enriching commission structure that takes into consideration all

services and employees. You will also be paid for the life of the client’s account with us.

Let's Get Started

Are you an insurance broker that is interested in a partnership with SynchronyHR? Get in touch with us today to learn more about becoming a referral partner.



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