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Simplify the Hiring Process With Applicant Tracking

Hiring a new employee can be expensive, time-consuming, and extremely difficult in today’s ever-evolving employment landscape. SynchronyHR’s applicant tracking system streamlines the processes of posting to job boards, tracking applications, and communicating with applicants. This allows you to be significantly faster and more competitive in finding and attracting the right candidates for your jobs.

Automated Job Posting

Post jobs to your website career portal plus job boards and social media like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Facebook with a single click.

Custom Screening Questions

Score and rank candidates as they apply with custom screening questions. This feature can ensure candidates meet minimum qualifications.

Candidate Communication

Improve engagement and time-to-hire by communicating with candidates through automated email messages and SMS texting.

Tag and Keyword Matching

Automatically review and filter resumes for keywords and skills that match your requirements.

Interested in learning more about applicant tracking? Message the SynchronyHR team today.


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