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Don’t Rely on Luck to KeepYour Business Safe

It’s the time of year to be searching for a bit of luck, a strategy that some business owners might use when keeping their businesses safe from potential risks. However, workplace risks, including those that could negatively impact the safety of employees, should not be left to four leaf clovers and good fortune.

Human resources (HR) and labor professionals work hard to strengthen their risk management practices and keep updated on potential hazards that could lead to employee injuries and illnesses. But what does a business do when they do not have these resources?

That’s where an HR outsourcing (HRO) partner, like SynchronyHR, comes in. Here are a few ways we can help improve risk management practices within your business:

Creating a Safe Environment

The risk experts within SynchronyHR are familiar with the many standards that come with creating a safe environment for employees. By conducting worksite inspections, we can offer helpful recommendations to enhance your space.

Knowing the unique risks within your business is a key component of safety. SynchronyHR works with businesses of all shapes and sizes, making us valuable partners within a number of unique industries.


Even the safest workplace can be hazardous if employees are not properly trained. From ergonomics to first aid, employees will greatly benefit from a variety of safety trainings.

SynchronyHR can provide these types of trainings to employers, along with specific safety meetings. We can also provide Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) trainings and compliance assistance, and can help create safety manuals to be used for future reference.

Identifying & Assessing Risk

Before starting any major project or finalizing a decision related to employees or a workspace, there should be a thorough identification stage where potential hazards or safety concerns, and their potential impacts, are highlighted.

SynchronyHR can help identify these risks, and offer advice based on the standards put in place by various agencies.

Proper Coverage

Finding the necessary coverage, such as competitive and comprehensive workers’ compensation, can be challenging. SynchronyHR can help, and we can even assist with claims processing and investigations.

If you're looking for support with your safety efforts, reach out to SynchronyHR. We offer a pot of gold worth of HR services, including risk management and workers' compensation coverage. Contact us to learn more.


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