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SynchronyHR's Human Resources Solutions for the Restaurant Industry

Managing payroll and human resources (HR) tasks, particularly in the hospitality sector, presents significant challenges. Fortunately, SynchronyHR offers a comprehensive solution. We provide HR, payroll, employee benefits, and other helpful services that support the day-to-day operations within a restaurant.

Here are just a few of the ways SynchronyHR can help your restaurant thrive.

Creating Efficiencies Through Integrated Technology

SynchronyHR’s “people-powered technology” solution helps support all of your administrative needs. Rather than spend time and energy on complicated administrative tasks, our integrated technology solution, paired with a dedicated team of professionals, will help streamline your management-related responsibilities.

Our applicant tracking system, for example, can simplify a typically time consuming hiring process by automatically posting jobs across job boards and social media platforms. The tool can also review resumes for keywords, score and rank candidates as they apply, and more. These features allow you to be significantly faster and more competitive in finding and attracting the right candidates for your jobs.

Working Through Complex HR Challenges

The restaurant industry presents many unique challenges for business owners and managers. With the support of our HR professionals, we can help you and your team navigate HR challenges that might be disrupting your operations, including high turnover, lack of training, scheduling issues, multi-state expansion woes, and compliance with respect to wage and hour.

SynchronyHR’s team of HR professionals can also help your business navigate the countless legalities and elements of employment law. When issues arise, we will provide consultation and resources to ensure an appropriate resolution.

Simplifying Payroll & Tax

Payroll administration and reporting can become tedious and time-consuming, pulling you and/or your team away from other key functions. This is especially true for restaurants with a large number of employees across several locations. Our expert Payroll Managers can manage payroll for you, and provide timely and accurate assistance.

Plus, when it comes time to file taxes, SynchronyHR will handle many form filings and the administration of the FICA credit on behalf of our clients, creating even more efficiencies.

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