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CASE STUDY: How an Orthopedic & Pain Management Practice Implemented Efficiencies with SynchronyHR


An orthopedic and pain management practice based in St. Louis saw their organization quickly growing, but also experienced growing pains in the process. Leadership and management began taking on multiple roles, which brought about a great deal of stress and disorganization. Administrative tasks such as payroll and employee onboarding were being done manually or through antiquated systems, causing even more difficulties in managing their almost fifty employees.


After hearing about SynchronyHR, a human resources outsourcing (HRO) organization based out of St. Louis, MO, the practice reached out to learn more. They quickly realized that SynchronyHR’s tailored HRO offerings and personalized level of service would be a great fit for their growing organization. They also saw SynchronyHR‘s technology offering as a great replacement for their outdated HR and payroll processes.


By officially partnering with SynchronyHR, the practice gained access to a dedicated team of Specialists that actively worked one-on-one with the team to provide consultation, implement new technology (including a new, paperless employee onboarding platform and time and attendance tools), and build a strong HR infrastructure. These updates introduced efficiencies within the organization and removed a number of administrative burdens.

SynchronyHR’s team of Benefits Specialists also helped the practice gain access to a new employee benefits and retirement/ 401(k) offering, helping increase employee engagement and combat low turnover.

“SynchronyHR not only provided support and assistance with the big things, but also took over many of the admin tasks that stopped me from getting work done. My employees could also reach out directly to the SynchronyHR specialists for questions. I was so glad to have a partner like SynchronyHR that had my back!” - Michelle

After a few years, the practice split into several smaller practices and each of these new entities partnered with SynchronyHR as a startup business. SynchronyHR has been able to deliver individualized services to each location and helped them navigate a multitude of challenges, from continued growth to the complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contact the SynchronyHR team today for more information about how your business can benefit from HRO services.



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