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Not Satisfied with Your Outsourcing Partner? Perhaps It’s Time for Some Spring Cleaning

Sometimes you don’t get things right on the first try, which can often be the case for business owners that partner with a human resources (HR) or payroll outsourcing organization.

Unfortunately, large, national outsourcing providers can often be a bit underwhelming for business owners needing additional support and customer service. They can also regularly surprise their clients with rate increases related to health plans and other services.

If you are looking to do some spring cleaning and remove your current outsourcing partner, consider SynchronyHR as an alternative. Here are a few reasons why our HRO organization might be a good fit for your business:

Enhanced service

SynchronyHR prides itself on our personalized level of service. As a boutique HRO firm, we supply a dedicated team of HR, payroll, risk management, and employee benefits professionals to each of our clients. These resources can work one-on-one with your business to solve underlying issues and implement new efficiencies.

Á la carte offerings

Some outsourcing partners offer a one-size-fits-all solution, making clients pay for all services regardless of their need. SynchronyHR, however, lets you pick and choose the services you need assistance with, only paying for what you need.

Potential savings

With access to SynchronyHR’s services and unique medical benefit offerings, businesses have been able to save over $40,000 in employee benefit and administrative costs compared to previous outsourcing partners. While not guaranteed, our team will work with business owners of all sizes to identify potential savings.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to the SynchronyHR team today for a free consultation.


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