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Broker Case Study: How Bluegrass Kidney Consultants Reduced Costs With SynchronyHR

Bluegrass Kidney Consultants, a Kentucky-based health care company specialized in renal care, was growing rapidly across several states. To help navigate this growth, Bluegrass was partnering with a large, national human resources outsourcing (HRO) organization.

However, Bluegrass was becoming increasingly disappointed in the level of customer service being provided to them by this HRO partner. Their health plan renewal rates through the HRO also increased drastically, further disappointing the leadership team at Bluegrass.

Bluegrass’ broker partner, who supplied Bluegrass with property and casualty (P&C) insurance, became aware of this situation. Not only was the broker troubled by the issues that Bluegrass was facing, but they were also increasingly concerned that the HRO would try to remove them from the relationship and take over their P&C offering.

“Our office had been making a concentrated effort to cross-sell, and I knew Bluegrass Kidney Consultants were involved with [an HRO]. This presented a problem for our agency…” - Broker


After hearing about SynchronyHR, an HRO based out of St. Louis, MO, from a colleague,

the broker reached out to learn more. They quickly realized that SynchronyHR’s tailored HRO offerings and personalized level of service would be an ideal solution for Bluegrass. The broker also saw a possibility for cost savings in SynchronyHR’s employee benefits solutions.

After meeting, the broker also learned that SynchronyHR is a trusted, dedicated partner of their insurance agency. Not only did they ensure the broker's continued involvement in the overall relationship, but they also provided an enriching commission structure. Together, both parties worked together to better understand Bluegrass’ needs and assemble a formal proposal.

“All I had to do was make the introduction. It was really that simple. As a P&C producer, I relied heavily on SynchronyHR to address questions, comments, and concerns related to the business. The response time was immediate, and their schedule was always open if a meeting or conference call was required.” - Broker

After a few meetings between Bluegrass, SynchronyHR, and the broker, it was determined that Bluegrass was interested in moving forward with SynchronyHR as their new HRO partner.


SynchronyHR was able to enroll Bluegrass in one of their medical plans. This switch would reduce their employee benefits costs by $45,000. A dedicated, certified HR professional from SynchronyHR also began actively working one-on-one with the Bluegrass team to implement new efficiencies within the growing organization. This included streamlining their employee onboarding process, consequently saving management time and eliminating potential employer-related risks.

Meanwhile the broker shined in the advisory role by helping Bluegrass through a difficult situation. They were also able to gain additional earnings from SynchronyHR’s admin commissions, including a 64% increase in revenue, and feel confident in his future involvement.

“The team worked tirelessly in a condensed time frame to win a roughly $40K revenue account in a matter of 2-3 weeks.” - Broker

In total, the collaboration between the agency and SynchronyHR teams helped Bluegrass Kidney Consultants avoid further frustrations while also saving money.

Want to learn more about how SynchronyHR can help brokers and their clients? Reach out today!



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