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MAY 2024

Hello, and welcome to another Risk Management Newsletter: Safety Matters! 

As always, we hope to provide resources and tips to help you better protect employees, minimize loss, and improve your organization's overall efficiency and productivity.

In this edition, ‘Emergency Preparedness’, ‘Best Practices for Successfully Managing a Workers Comp Injury’, ‘Distracted Driving’. 

Be sure to share this newsletter with your team to promote safety culture, let us know if you would like to talk through any of these tips further or have any ideas for future topics.


Now is the best time to focus on workplace safety. Have a safe day, every day!

- Ryan Willis, Risk Manager


Are You Prepared for an Emergency in the Workplace? 

As an employer, it is your responsibility to prioritize the safety and well-being of your employees by implementing effective emergency preparedness plans. Are you prepared? Read on for tips. 


Best Practices for Successfully Managing a Work Comp Injury

Effective management of work comp injuries not only helps an injured employee recover promptly, but also minimizes disruption to the workflow and maintains a positive work environment.


Here are some best practices to consider when managing work comp injuries in the workplace.


Avoid Distracted Driving

Whether your drive is personal or for work, let's face it, today's drivers don’t take distracted driving seriously enough.  

Here are a few best practices to stay safe and stay focused

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