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What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll?

Recent studies show that business owners and managers across the country are looking for new ways to keep costs low, and one of the chief ways to get expenses under control is by outsourcing your payroll operations.

Payroll outsourcing can not only streamline and reduce costs, but can also bring about a variety of additional benefits for your business. In the following article, we'll look at how payroll outsourcing services can help transform your business and give you peace of mind.

Saving Time

Unfortunately, managing payroll is not a simple process. Withholdings, taxes, commissions, reports, and a host of other factors can be time consuming and difficult to update. Even more time is spent preparing W2s and other end-of-year taxes.

Businesses that utilize payroll outsourcing can pass on the various payroll administration and reporting tasks to a team of payroll professionals, thus removing a great deal of work from the plates of you and your team. The time saved from not working on payroll can instead be directed toward core business functions.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

While it may seem tempting at first, tackling payroll without the necessary expertise can be a big risk for a business owner. Several simple errors can lead to audits, and eventually large fines. In fact, small businesses pay close to $850 a year in penalties due to mistakes in payroll tax filings.

By outsourcing your payroll, a team of professionals can provide timely and accurate assistance with your payroll reporting and tax filings. These experts will ensure that your payroll administration is running correctly, and that your tax filings are up-to-date on all state, federal, and local tax changes.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Recruiting an internal payroll employee is an alternative solution for business owners looking to offload their payroll responsibilities. Funding an additional department, with unique personnel and tools, however, can often be costly and a bit risky.

There are expensive payroll software systems that payroll professionals need to use, and further costs associated with bringing on a payroll employee to use them. Training and retaining said employee can also be an expensive endeavor.

While adding a new team member is always exciting, consider finding an existing payroll team to partner with, and instead invest in an alternative resource to help grow your business.

Stop Worrying by Outsourcing Payroll

Business owners have so much on their plate, and any tedious task removed can be a welcome change. By outsourcing payroll, business owners have one less administrative burden to think about.

If you're ready to ease your workload by outsourcing your payroll, contact us today.


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