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Wellness Corner: Heart-Healthy Tips for American Heart Month

The success of a business can often come down to its employees, which means that taking care of them should be a top priority for employers. Offering wellness initiatives throughout your organization can be a great way to support employees and their well-being.

According to the CDC, heart disease and stroke have led businesses to spend billions of dollars in, "both direct costs, including coverage for health care services and medicines; and indirect costs, including lost productivity associated with absenteeism and presenteeism, and short- and long-term disability."

February is American Heart Month, which makes for an opportune time to spread awareness and encourage employees to focus on their cardiovascular health. Business owners that currently offer employee health initiatives, or are looking to start, can promote heart health with these tips.

Encourage exercise

Physical activity helps prevent heart-related illnesses and can improve overall mental and physical health. Encourage employees to move away from their desks throughout the day for office exercises like ergonomic stretches, stair walks, and walking meetings (weather permitting), or host a group weight training or conditioning class. Installing bike racks can also encourage employees to bike to and from work, or offer gym memberships for employees to exercise on their own time.

Promote healthy eating habits

Review what snacks and catered meals are being ordered throughout the workplace to avoid foods high in sodium, trans-fat, and saturated fat. Fresh fruits and vegetables, almonds and seeds, and low-fat popcorn can be great snack alternatives, while salads and subs can make for great lunch alternatives. Be sure to also include remote/hybrid employees by sending food vouchers or even care packages.

Introduce heart-healthy programing

Work with a resource to put on activities designed to can help prevent heart disease. Some example programs support smoking cessation, weight loss, and meditation. There are also resources available specific to monitoring high blood pressure, prehypertension, and high cholesterol.

Interested in learning more? SynchronyHR offers access to extensive, corporate-style employee benefits that can help keep employees happy and healthy. Reach out today.

*This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. For further information, please consult a medical professional.


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