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Wellness Corner: Employee Gym Memberships

Employees are an integral part of the success of a business, so taking care of them should be a top priority for employers. Offering wellness initiatives throughout your organization can be a great way to support employees and their well-being.

One such wellness offering is a gym membership. By providing free or discounted memberships to gyms and personal training sessions, or by introducing and promoting an on-site facility, employers can help their employees work towards a healthier lifestyle. In fact, regular physical activity can help reduce health risks, strengthen the body, manage chronic health conditions, improve mental health, and more.

But perhaps employees don’t have time to visit a gym regularly, or maybe they enjoy other healthy activities. Employers can also consider including the below options into a gym membership program:

Fitness events- Know of a local fitness event taking place, such as a 5k run/walk, biking event, or softball league? Sponsor a team of interested employees by covering their registration fees and providing encouragement.

Yoga studios- In lieu of gym memberships, provide free or discounted yoga sessions at a partnering studio.

Virtual fitness programs- Provide access to virtual fitness programs/gym memberships. These on-demand classes are available online and offer a large variety of activities.

Interested in implementing a gym membership program of your own? SynchronyHR offers wellness consulting and plan development, as well as access to extensive, corporate-style employee benefits that can help keep employees happy and healthy. Reach out today.

*This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. For further information, please consult a medical professional.



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