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Safety Matters: Younger Workers at Higher Risk

Young workers often have high rates of job-related injury. For this discussion, “youth” would be defined as workers between the ages 15 – 24.

These injuries are often the result of limited or no prior work experience and a lack of safety training. Many employees also feel pressure to accept any job duties, often without considering if the working conditions put their health and safety at risk.

Typical reasons why young and new workers are injured more often include:

  • Lack of training and supervision

  • Lack of understanding of the workplace, tools, equipment

  • Being distracted

  • Exposure to difficult, more dangerous jobs

  • General inexperience

  • Hesitancy to ask questions, unclear what questions to ask

Be prepared for the hazards of your industry. Communicate with new employees the importance of safety. Be proactive, not reactive - prevent injuries before they happen.

Empowering younger employees to take action to protect themselves and their peers at work should be at the heart of strategies to improve the safety and health of all workers.

Let your employees know how serious you are about safety, and let’s keep the conversation going year round. Interested in learning more? Reach out to the SynchronyHR Risk Management team today!

*This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. For further information, please consult a risk management professional.


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