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Safety Matters: Safety Culture

Safety is a culture, why not start building it now?

The expression, "it pays to be safe" is very true, but safety should be seen as more than a line item. Improved safety means fewer injuries and medical costs. Fewer incidents mean a lower e-mod and over a period of time, your premium costs will go down.

Safety should be viewed as part of company culture. Once safety becomes culture, it becomes a value. Company values are embraced by leadership, visible to every employee, and spoken of with pride and achievement.

Your organization can change employee attitudes and behaviors in relation to workplace safety by simply understanding what influences the safety culture. For a safety culture to be successful, it starts at the top. It starts with leadership.

A safety culture places a high importance on safety as a mindset. That means changing the mindsets of management and employees over time. This mindset is then adopted by leadership and trickles down to everyone within the company, so much so, that it will soon be characterized simply as "the way we do things here."

By investing in building a safety culture, employees know that their leadership cares about them as people and values their health and safety. Hold regular safety meetings to discuss potential areas of concern and reward safe behavior around the workplace. Help make sure employees return home in the same physical condition as they left.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to the SynchronyHR Risk Management team today!

*This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal counsel advice. For further information, please consult a risk management professional.


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