Professional Employer Organization


SynchronyHR is a professional employer organization (PEO). A PEO acts as your offsite HR department and manages key employee-related functions such as:

  • Payroll Administration

  • Employee Benefits & Administration

  • Human Resources Support & Compliance

  • Workers’ Compensation & Risk Management

In addition, you can turn to our team for help with:

  • Healthcare Reform Expertise 

  • Health and Wellness programs

  • Continuing Education

By assuming these employer-related liabilities, the PEO becomes the “employer of record” for your employees, and you, the client, are the “worksite employer.” In this contractual arrangement – also known as co-employment, you maintain control over staff selection and day-to-day employee management.

You are also able to lower your risk. As a co-employer, we assume substantial employer responsibilities and risk through our Client Services Agreement. Specifically, we are contractually responsible for:

  • Paying your employees’ wages and employment taxes.

  • Reporting, collecting, and depositing your employment taxes with state and federal authorities.

  • Maintaining federal and state employer compliance for you.